Friday, July 28, 2006

Mice And Musings

Friday, July 28, 2006

Yesterday our class dissected mice for biology. Those mice were sooo cute and adorable. It's just SO WRONG to see them dead with their guts in full display after dissection. Gary chopped of his mouse head again. Nearly puke my guts out after seeing him waving the head around in glee. Some people are just so sick. I am so darn sure that I would NEVER EVER consider being a doctor after yesterday's biology class. *sigh* they were so cute....

Ha! It's so cute and adorable ler....I wanted to take it home. But I changed my mind after finding out that it keeps dropping tiny presents every 1 minute. So I gave it to Chang Hui to take care of it who charged me 10 cents per hour. Darn lucky rats. Big spacious box with wheatmeal, WHEATMEAL!!! cookies and butter buns as food. What the!!! And we're gonna kill it in the end. Waste my 5 bucks nia. BUT NO WAY WAS I GOING TO BRING IT HOME!!! so bo pien should see the rat hotel "windows"......

Why it cost me 5 bucks....

I shall not post pictures of my dissected mouse as it is seriously disturbing. I'm afraid that you would sue me for scarring your mind. I'm also scared that later you might get so sick to the guts that you'll never want to read my blog again lolz.

Recently, many people keep asking me about Winston. This is really starting to annoy me for many reasons. For the record, Wins is just my best friend and nothing more. Yes, Nasha is still my bestest best friend okay. It's just that sometimes you need a really close guy friend you can talk to about stuff that a girlfriend could never understand. Please try to find out the facts first before going around assuming things and spreading rumours. I'm not saying that Wins isn't nice okay. In fact, he's pretty cute and really really nice, not to mention a hell lot taller than me too =P but c'mon, you do not fall in love with every cute guy you see rite? I'm pretty sure he's kinda fed up of people asking him about us. I know I am. So get your facts straight people.

The worst thing is that the person I like seems to think that I like Winston. Nothing can be more heartbreaking than that. I still remember the other day when he said something along the lines of "you like him right?" with a happy smile on his face. Crap. My entire cheerful mood just went down the drain. I felt like shouting "NO! Can't you see that it's you I like?! You! Not him." but instead I just forced a smile and said "no, we're just good friends." But he just smiled that maddeningly cute smile of his with a look that says "Yea, right. Like I believe you." It took every inch of my willpower not to blurt out the truth. You know how stories always describe food tasting like dust after hearing sad news? Yea well, it's true. I never believed it till now. I swear my delicious chicken lunch tasted like rubber tires after that. I AM SO SURE that rubber tastes like that although I've never tried eating one....

ANYWAY, SOME FRIENDS ARE SO INSENSITIVE! Yalar, T's new girl prettier than me lar. So?? Must tell me mer? I GOT SAY I PRETTIER THAN HER MER?! How would you like it if your gf left you for a handsome guy and I go up to you and say "Her new guy SOOOO MUCH MORE handsome than you!!! No wonder she left you." Go die lar. EVEN if you're so over her, it WOULD still sting a lil. Insensitive jerks. 3 months ago, I would have unleash such fury upon you that would make erupting volcanoes look like bubbling porridge. But since I've made a pledge to control my temper I just smiled and stayed silent. I swear Nasha was ready to murder you guys though, seeing her expression at that time. She remained silent when she saw I didn't say a word. So I'm ugly, ugly ugly lor. SHUT UP! I think you're ugly too. I know I'm not perfect. So? Need you tell me mer? When I get mad and say it hurts, you say I'm over sensitive. When I smile and still act nice to you, you continue to insult me even worse instead of shutting up. What the toot. Don't brush it off with an excuse that it's just a joke. Joke my toot. It's hurtful. How about I say "Terrence & Kenneth (Ng), eh you know ar, you both remind me of Horace and Jasper in 101 Dalmations. Neh the ugly tall tall skinny skinny one and the gong gong fat fat short short one. hahahahaha....funny hor??? they were so dumb & ugly wonder KX chose Yun Yew instead of you".

Neh, Horace & Jasper.

Oh yea, if you can't tell, it's a joke ok? haha...chill yea...can't you take a joke??? *rolls eyes* FYI, I can differentiate a joke and an insult you numbskulls.

Really really cannot stand some people. They got zhi ge to say me mer? Insensitive morons deserves a good hard kick to get a feel on how their insensitive stupid statements feels like. Jerks.

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