Friday, August 4, 2006

Annoying SMSes

Friday, August 4, 2006

Malam Budaya was so-so only. Nothing much to shout about (except to disrupt the concert lolz). Only went because 30% of me was bored and the other 70% is because X was going too. He look darn cute tonight =P I can go on and on about him but for the sake of you guys sanity I shall shut up haha. My lousy camera failed me as all pictures I took ended up blur. Toot. I asked Malcolm to send me the photos so I can write a post about it. But he said he have to sell the pictures first baru can give me or else you guys would just curi it from my site and our photography club would have to cancel our dinner because of insufficient funds =P.

Anyway, moving on to other topics. Which part of DO NOT SIMPLY GIVE OUT MY NUMBER do you people NOT understand?! Recently, I keep getting calls from various people wanting to be friends. Look, you want to know me?? Then add me in friendster, write me a damn beautiful testi, add me in MSN, amuse me or you could just send 1 sms requesting that. Then maybe I'll consider. (Oh, and it'll help if you have a car too =P ) Don't need to call me. Bleh. Don't always SMS me. I DO NOT like playing sms. Well, unless you're a close friend of mine or X haha.Sure, 4 or 5 would be fine. But the WHOLE day??? Please lar, I HAVE a life too you know. =P

And don't suddenly tell me you like me whatever ok? You only scare the daylights out of me and make me wanna avoid you. Just be friends first lar. Please get to know me better before saying something as rash as that. For all you know I could be a wrinkled-up mean old lady. You can't trust the Internet you know =P

Actually I'm 71 not 17....

One more thing. I won't fall for sweet talks so don't even start. It's mostly insincere. I HATE it. If you like me, show your care through actions not words. I swear I'll date the next guy who actually buys me cough drops when I'm sick. I remember last time I was damn sick and coughing endlessly and thinking "c'mon buy me cough drops me that and I swear I'll do anything for you forever". Ha. Useless guy just asked "are you okay?" Ciken. DO I SOUND OKAY TO YOU??!! Bah. That's why you don't get to see the caring side of me. You're not worth my time and money. I can be nice if I want to. Don't believe don't believe lor. Like I care. I've learned that you can't please the whole friggin world anyway.

Haih. This post is not meant to insult those who sms me. Some of you are really nice. Just cut down the number of smses okay. I can't always reply. My phone is not glued to my hips okay. So be patient while I try to recall where I last left it. Yes, I'll still play sms with you people but please be considerate and stop it after I said bye. I am busy. I have to prepare stuff for youth and Sunday school. Not to mention studying for SPM. And during the holidays I have to work for an architect as he stubbornly refuse to hire new staffs and insist on hiring me instead. So while you guys are holidaying happily, I'm buried under a mountain pile of building projects to complete. You think I want mer? Church member so bopien. Told you I'm just too darn nice sometimes and find it hard to say no when people need help.

Bottom line is : " Don't simply give out my number ( unless the guy's extra cute =P ) and limit the number of smses you send me. See soooo easy to follow. hahaha. =D I AM NOT being demanding. I'm just making things clearer so it's easier for us all to stay friends lolz.


Lea said...

I'd like to have a look at X..., if it isn't asking too much. hee~~~

Hana said...

Haha. Go to my profile photos. He's in the Palm Beach photos. I know. There's so many guys how to tell? Well, I'm not telling which one he is. Just guess hahaha. But he's cuter in real life tho lolz =P

Shen said...

yeah..hannah u look 71 lolz !!