Friday, November 3, 2006

Nasha's Birthday

Friday, November 3, 2006

Why do you people keep using and talking about the last photo I posted. I photoshopped it a little only okay? Keep saying I'm not real. FINE. Nah, a no make-up, no lighting, totally un-photoshopped (except the cute graphics) photo of me.

Okay, moving on to Sha'a birthday. We celebrated her birthday at Flavours (is that the name?) then we gian so celebrate at school again. Who is Nasha?? Neh, the leng loi below.....

My bestest best fwen. I don't think she is available liao lar hor. If you go her friendster site, you would see a certain guy from aus who keeps posting love testimonials to her.

I LOVE PINK!!!! Even Nasha who always calls me suku for liking pink has finally caught my pink influenza. Now everything she owns is all nearly pink too. Even her cellphone theme has now changed to pink! =P

Matt, Iggy, Sem, Me, Sha, Malcolm and Wins. Pic very blur. Wonder whose cam was it??? *Matt* Yea, the lousy quality of the photo distorted my face into something weird, hence the flower.

The cake. It's American chocolate okay?! Although it looks more like African chocolate to me. =D

See?? Where got people simply cut other people's cake one.........except Matt. =P

Nasha happily cutting the cake. Actually she was secretly disappointed that we didn't have a lighter to light her candles. Never mind lar Sha, with friends like us, what more COULD you wish for. Hehe.

WHY is Matt taller than me here???? How can?? IMPOSSIBLE!!! The day Matt grows taller than me, elephants would fly. Heehee.

Acting cute.

Ok no more photos liao. Anyway, we had a great time and once again, may all your wishes come true Sha. Happy Birthday!


Matt said...

the party pic wasn't my camera pic. lol. i remember i didn't sit like that. lol. i took the less blur pic. XP

Shen said...

where's my face? not fun ler..without my face in there duh

Nasha said...

hahaha . i tink that was my cam!!! =) lian shen ur face 2 engdao so knot put inside.later make us all so ugly.hehehe!

Hana said...

nasha you tooooot. take ur disp pic of and replace it the one i posted in my blog. the 3rd pic.

nasha said...

i like black

nasha said...

dowan. u still haven remove the pics i asked u 2 remove ages ago. sooo y shud i? lols:D

Shen said... can u praise me
im so hidung tinggi now hehe =)
thanks nasha !

wins said...

happy birthday!