Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Basketball Stand

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

So long didn't blog liao. You people have better NOT forgotten about me. 3 more subjects left. YAY!!!! The joy of seeing the pile of soon-to-be-thrown-away books getting larger each passing day just send shivers of excitement down my spine. Damn good feeling okay??!! Can't believe my dad actually asked me if I wanted to keep them for memories sake so I can refer to them when I'm feeling nostalgic. HELLO??!! Why the toot would I want to keep textbooks for reminiscence?? That has got to be the most absurd thing I've ever heard. The sooner I get to kiss it goodbye the better.

SPM not bad lah. Can tahan. I've never prayed so much before in my entire life than within these two weeks. Most of my time were spent on prayers, prayers and more prayers as it is the ONLY thing I have left. I can't very well kill someone to steal their brain cells right? *that would have been useful tho* =P Live by faith and not by sight. I am starting to grasp the full meaning of that verse.

Nasha always moans after every exams and always complain of how I can still be happy and not moan with her. Haha. Sure, I wasn't able to answer every single question but that is so not the point. I've found something much more profound during this exam and I am throughly happy. Do you know how encouraging it is to hear people tell you that they are praying for you? Not to mention the smses sent by church members with encouraging bible verses. My parents prayed every hour of the day for me and always support and encourage me with so much love I can burst. Hehe. And I get to see countless miracles and blessings these few days too. The joy of being able to feel God's presence and knowing that He would never forsake you in the midst of hopelessness. Just when you feel like there is no hope left, He goes and turns it around. For all these, I am truly happy and have never felt happier. This is better than all the A1's in the world I tell you. =D

By the way, my custom made basketball stand is finished. It's so tall!!! The guy says it's standard but I seriously doubt him. More like the standard for 6 feet basketball players. Just discovered that my house huge compound is quite useless. No matter where I place the stand it just doesn't seem right. Place near the fish pond later drop into the pond or into the planter box. Put in front of the car porch later the ball get stuck on the roof or worse, smash into one of our cars. Put to the left later the ball might fall into our neighbor's house and hit their stupid annoying chickens or dog *which actually is a good thing* that crow and bark during unearthly hours in the night. Only place left is smack right in the middle and that looks plain stupid.

Anyway, anybody wanna come over and teach me to shoot a few hoops?

Something looks wrong. It just doesn't look that right....I think it's missing something....

Ha. I've drawn in the missing red box with photoshop. Now to ask someone to actually come over and paint one on.


Haha. Can't resist.....=P

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Wins' said...

hahah poor hannah..the basketball stand is tall enough and will definitely make a good date! Where chatter box :(