Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Last Samurai

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Last Samurai is a damn good movie lah! SOOOOO NICE!!! Yalar, I know I very ketinggalan zaman now only then watch it. But it's nice ok!?!? Tom Cruise looks handsome in this movie. I don't really like him la hor but have to say in this movie he really not bad like Orlando Bloom only super hot as Legolas in LOTR. Legolas....*drools*.....

This movie is very dramatic, touching, inspiring, satt short. VERY NICE! I wanna be Samurai too after watching it. Can play with swords. Heehee.

I want the Give My Love chords SHA!!! NOW!!!! lolz. C'mon lar, I NEED that song. I'll even pay you. See how desperate I am??

Haha. Thanks to all my friends who stood by me =) Hey, just ignore the unknown insulters and continue chatting like usual. I don't even bother about them so you can just ignore too. Don't let them get you all riled up =P People like these are just weird lah. Leave them alone in their own weird pitiful world to insult others while we continue on with our bright productive lives (to incite more jealousy from them =P). *so fun see them so unhappy with your success*

So long didn't go back to school. DON'T MISS IT! well.....except for my friends. Not going back anymore I think so see you guys during SPM. Then....FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM!!!!!!!!!! Can kiss GRSS byebye forever and hello college parties and hot guys =P

Picture of me in case any of you dare forget me during the hols. =P

~Byeeee... Good Luck in your SPM!!! *muacks*~


eiChi said...

hannah~~ u look so PRETTY n SWEET~~ :D dont worry, i'll owez remember how u look. haha :p

nasha said...

okays. here are the charges 4 the chords.
rm 50 -half a page
rm100 -one page
rm 200 -full score
payment can be made by cash or via mastercard. lols!
JUST kiddin. i'll write it 4 u when skul starts okay? provided u go 2 skul n don ditch me again.
besides. you OWE me..4 the last samurai.!

sally said...

Wat make up brand did u use??