Monday, March 11, 2013

Little Unexpected Rays of Sunshine

Monday, March 11, 2013
Got a second campus job doing data-entry and I am having so much fun. My employers are amazing people.

First job as assistant house manager at the Mondavi Center is still going awesomely well. I think its the best campus job ever since people are paying hundreds to see world famous acts like Yo-Yo Ma and Joshua Bell, and you are getting paid instead to watch it.

Also managed to snag a dental internship right here in Davis. This is such a huge blessing because it goes by a lottery system and I was fortunate enough to be given an early sign up slot so could pick the limited available slots for Davis and not have to travel out of town to other clinics on a weekly basis.

Made a commitment to get more involved in my local campus christian fellowship and met many new amazing people.

Yes, on top of my studies, this leaves me virtually no time for frivolous stuff. But on the upside, I have become way more productive heh.

A new guy recently moved into our place and so the landlord-housemate of mine decided to lower my rent to $240 and still keep his offer of covering all utilities and internet etc. I am still in disbelief because there is no way you can get such incredibly cheap rent for such an awesome cozy fully furnished place like this. I was totally expecting only a $25 decrease since its only the bathroom I would be sharing but omg $60 less? And the rent itself was already low enough to begin with. Plus he still buys us dinners and goodies every now and then. Do I have a great housemate or what.

With the addition of my second job, which I got because I was worried I wouldn't have enough money silly me, I now have more than what I need. And so I think its time to give back and bless others ♥


Wendy Ayche said...

Love your blog :)
Much love,

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