Thursday, February 24, 2011

First Year Scholars' Luncheon

Thursday, February 24, 2011
So I made the Deans' Honors list last fall quarter and thus was invited to the luncheon yesterday. Initially, I thought of skipping it because I have a midterm right after the luncheon and planned to use that time to revise instead; thinking that there would be other times when I get on the list again.

But 2nd sis talked me into going anyway and so I did.

And boy am I glad I did. Coz apparently its only held for 1st year students (freshmen or transfer students) who get on the list during their first quarter at UCD. If I had skipped it, I would never get the chance to attend one ever again even if I make the Deans' list again later.

First thing first, my cert! :D

I never thought I would actually get one as I already received an official letter before this and was also thinking 'its just gonna be some simple luncheon' and what not but then the moment I stepped into the hall, I was blown away....

It was beautiful. So very beautifully decorated complete with a band playing in the corner. Would you just look at the table! All that is missing are candles lols.

I was one of the first few to arrive hence the empty tables.

Main course was chicken and some pasta on the side and since our table was somehow less occupied than the rest, it meant more desserts for meeeee :D

The most memorable thing about this event however, was not the beautiful decor or the scrumptious food but the speeches. The speeches by the chancellor, professors and outstanding students who have achieve so much they seem not human. They were full of conviction, of dedication, blazing with passion as they speak of their hopes and dreams which they have achieved and the many more they hope to achieve.

Those speeches re-ignited in me my passion to do my best all over again. That with hard work, dedication and, what my dad always remind me, God's favor, anything is possible.

So thank you Jesus for blessing me so much in my life and here's to the many more successful years to come☺

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