Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tiny Glimpse into UCD

Saturday, October 2, 2010
So, the reason for my hiatus was coz I was busy moving and adjusting into college life. Some of you would know that I had since graduated from Pasadena City College spring '10 and has chosen UC Davis as the university I wanted to transfer to.

One thing I am sick of being constantly asked whenever I said I'm from LA was 'WHY come here?!' with such bewilderment I want to slam my head on the nearest wall. To explain things, Davis is a small town up in NorCal. And by small I mean really really small (well, compared to LA). And everyone thinks it has nothing but cows and you must be not as smart if you chose Davis (I have a 3.9 GPA mmkay). So if I hear another person in SoCal badmouth UCD again I will throw a cow at them. Or a hamburger because cows are too heavy :\

I could have chosen to go to a UC in SoCal but I didn't and it wasn't because I didn't get accepted but I have seen a few UCs in SoCal and its just not what I had always imagine universities to be: Large sprawling lawns, quiet tucked away town but within an hour away from major cities, nature everywhere and pretty much just secluded from the hectic world.

Which is what all the UCs in NorCal is ♥

I chose Davis because I didn't get accepted into Berkeley and I am actually relieved deep down because when I saw Davis I really wanted to come here but was worried if I got accepted into Berkeley just how am I going to turn it down because people would think me insane. I still have no idea why I didn't get accepted cuz I was told I had a 94% chance but I AM HAPPY :D I don't exactly think I can survive there :\

Anyways! Dorm life!

I live in an apartment style dorm with 4 other suitemates and this is my corner of the room:

Very plain as you can see cuz we drove from 8 hours from LA okay and its both me and my sis (freshman) coming up here so we can only fit the barest essentials into the minivan which already took us an hour trying to get everything to fit.

View of the whole room:

That is my roommate's (also Chinese) bed. I arrived a day earlier so they have yet to checked in. We have huge closets and yes that is my broken closet door which I have since fixed oh why am I so handy *proud

I was happy until I peeked into my suitemate's (both White) room:


4th sis upon seeing it: "..... racist."


Look! They have a bathtub okay and we only have a measly shower stall :C

BUT!!! We have a huge mirror/sink space :D Although we have to share it amongst the 3 of us (another suitemate got a single room and yes she is Chinese too) but whatever. The large mirror cheers me up ^^

My cute sister left me a message before she left:


Before this was daddy's scrawl of "Room B > Room A?! UNFAIR" on it lols.

Our living room which we never stay in cuz we are to cheap to buy lamps and so its in a perpetual dark gloomy state 24/7.

Anyways, so there is me, the roommate, gamer girl, drama queen and sorority girl and this would be their respective names on the blog. ha.

Some pics of some activities around campus:

Open air movie night which I skipped because I didn't have the foresight to bring my sweater and it was freezing and my dorm was 30 minutes away so I left :C

Random pic of the map room in the library:

I am so in love with the libraries in the US. You can find just about anything you want ♥

The infamous cows! You can only smell them if you're in Tercero haha must suck to be dormed there.

Koinonia's game night. Koinonia is one of the many Christian fellowship groups in UCD. I was amazed by just how many active Christian groups there here. I always assumed that there wouldn't be many cuz you know how liberal the North is but I personally think its more fired up here than in LA. Their faith is something to be admired. Diligently handing out flyers at every corner with a smile and the numerous events they hold and just the genuine love they have for each other.... its amazing.

The whole time I was with them, I felt at ease. Superficiality ceased to exist and everyone is just so sincere you feel you can trust them with anything. Completely different to what I was exposed to in LA.

Which is why I still stand by my words that Davis is an awesome school :3

I found a church too: Gracepoint. It isn't exactly a church church and by that I mean they don't have a church building and borrows the local middle school drama hall but its a church in every essence. They have passionate pastors and staff members and they actually have the resources to offer free dinner and lunch every bible study and church service to over 150 university students.

imo, every church should serve food of some sort. Yes, spiritual food is of course more important but that doesn't discount the fact that we are human beings and we need physical food too and everyone knows that food brings people together. Notice how churches with food related events have closer church members and are less hypocritical?

Anyways, last pic:

Last Sunday, our uni held this worship night where all the Christian groups came together for a night of praise and worship. The entire lecture hall was packed tighter than a can of sardines. So many fellow Christians I am not alone :'3

I still have some other random pics in 2nd sis phone which I will collect and post later. Also, all the UCD building pics are uhm with my dad in LA so uhm I will have to ask him to send it to me later.

Promise to blog more diligently from now onwards too~


Denysia said...

Wow, it looks like UC Davis is lots of fun! :)

Stephanie said...

you sound happy and Davis sounds like a nice place to live!

hana said...

Aww its is. I LOVE IT HERE ^^