Thursday, May 28, 2009

Aloha Sunday

Thursday, May 28, 2009
So two Sundays before was Aloha Sunday at my parent's church and so I went there in favor of my usual church cuz I heard there was fooood :D

Obviously we had to dress up but I'd left my grass skirt back in Msia so I had nothing to wear. I tried going around town the day before looking for something Hawaiian cuz die die I will live up to my hometown some way or another ok.

But there was nothing :C

Thankfully I found this floral wraparound skirt I bought in Melaka lying around in my closet Sunday morning and wore that instead ^^

All I lack is a hibiscus in my ear ah. But I wouldn't dare snip off flowers by the roadside and risk getting fined ok.

Technically, my sister's dress is more coral instead of Hawaiian but whatever ok, that is the only beach dress I have left.

They promised us Hawaiian food and so I was expecting sweet taro or like a Kalua Pig *wishful thinking* but what we got was this:

SUCH LIES AH. They think they can cheat me hah? And that sushi is so obviously Japanese ah wteff. The rest were typical chinese food ish.

The only Hawaiian thing was probably the watermelon ok.

And I want to rant!

Cuz there is this boy server ah who is like damn ridiculous ok and served like 1/4 OF A SPOON OF MACARONI SALAD ( A QUARTER SPOON OK WTEFF!!!) cuz he was afraid it wouldn't be enough for the entire congregation, which was only like 40 mind you, omg I nearly asked him if this was a joke but he refused to look into my eyes so I couldn't say anything.

A QUARTER SPOONFUL EAT WHAT LAH OK. Like 3 macaroni pieces omg does he even have brains.

And then guess what? Yes, there was like 3/4 of the salad left over and guess how much he got for himself? LIKE HALF A PLATEFUL OK ISH WHAT MAKES HIM THINK THAT IF HE LIKES IT SO MUCH OTHERS WON'T TOO?

3 macaroni pieces....

The stupidity of the world never cease to amaze me wteff.

Oh and I now understand why some crazy people change their nail polishes everyday cuz omg its so addictive when you have like tons of colors to play with!

NYX Baby Blue as base with Sally Hansen White polish for the floral design. The blue polish is actually Ammy's (bought it for her) but the lovely girl let me used it first ♥

My current nail color:

NYX Poppy with a layer of Princess Glitter on top because I thought it looked too plain by itself and I was lazy to konad anything on.

Can't really see the glitter here but omg its so pretty in real life! Especially when the light hits it ♥

Went online shopping again (stupid memorial sales how you make me fall) and bought a pair of wedges for the summer and a pair of golden stilettos because I am serious lacking in heels as I spent all money on boots ever since I got here. Am waiting for it to arrive any day now ^^v

I am seriously gonna die at this rate. My bank account I mean.

Am in the proccess of trying to get this job at a retail store in this mall aiyer this job would probably end up being the express way to bankruptcy ah so pray that I'll get it yo. I need the money to fund my education too ok cuz my summer Japanese class cost me 1000 BUCKS OK CAN DIE AH.

PS: I now say 'ah' way too much thanks to Ammy.

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