Monday, April 20, 2009

I Did It For Love

Monday, April 20, 2009
Oh look I'm actually blogging about Bank of America BoA. So I've been waiting for this mv for months because as much as I still think she is one overrated marketing gimmick, I like this song ♥ This imo should be her debut song and not the painful dyslexic Eat You Up where she halts after every syllable that you cannot help but cringe so much until you turn into a lemon.

As much as the kpop world seem to be raving about her US debut, no one around me know her at all so I have no idea how true those (kpop blogs) proclamations of her being a success is. I have yet to hear any of her songs on radio either *shrugs*

But anyway, I think this song has a nice beat and a cool mv so.....pimp pimp pimp!!! :D

She looks like a Korean Lucy Liu lol. Am not liking the sunken cheeks. Yamapi much? I always thought she was pretty judging from those Fasio catalogs those annoying salesgirls keep shoving into my face back in Malaysia but that impression shattered when I saw her on Music Station with NEWS where her hair looked worse than Koyama's and her makeup all ashy and I was all wth IS THAT THE BOA? omg I am never buying Fasio ever again. Which btw you shouldn't either cuz its one crappy product. Well, the eyeshadow I bought was downright crappy.....

BoA's teeth....wth. Ugh, these are not teeth Asia's supposedly hottest star should have. Ever.

So I did some rough tweaking in photoshop and ta-dah:

THIS is what its supposed to be. So much hotter now.

And in case you're blind for your easy viewing pleasure, here's a side by side comparison:

Now will someone help email this pic to SM Entertainment.....

alfjhalhfalsfa I just love the water effect where they disintegrate into water ♥ You do not know how many times I had to pause the vid just to get this frame. mmm I'd rather turn into water than be invisible. Hear that Jessica Alba? It's way hotter. Like *pause* swoosh *turns into water* and tadah you're gone. How cool is that? Only I'll probably be missing a head when I reintegrate myself into human again thanks to the hot Californian weather D:

And the dance moves in here were just mad awesome :D I like the canes. So sexy. And you know what would be sexier? If she used it to hook a hot guy by the neck which is what I would so do if I ever get my hands on a cane. And a Masuda 8D She works it better than Madonna in Britney's Me Against The Music mv. That was just plain scary. Actually, anything Madonna just plain scares me *shudders*

I love her black suit too alfjadlfjhaldfa ooh so slick and shiny *____* WANTS.

Welcome to the Matrix, Neo.

YAY FANS! I think fans are so hot. Like how the cheongsam is too. They are like the symbols of oriental hotness I tell you ♥♥♥

Why must all her videos end with a wet scene. Why so cliche? I don't see why she even need one cuz she isn't singing 'Umbrella' is she not? And the wet look does not suit her. She now looks like a drenched ghost.

On the other hand, here's a nice screenshot of dry BoA to end this post:

She looks better here.

I AM STILL LIKING THE SUIT :d Catwoman who? BoA's outfit should be made into a Halloween costume. So hot.

So anyway, do I think she'll make it? Frankly, no. Not because she isn't good cuz this mv is pretty cool but America is still downright racist srsly it gets on my nerves at times especially if you go to the midwest doesn't seem all that ready for Asian entertainers yet. Plus I think an Asian American would stand more chance (which still isn't much) than someone whose first language isn't English and has a strong accent simply because. Nevertheless, good luck to her. Still not a fan but a nice song is still a nice song and this is one ♥


♥~kimmy~♥ said...

i like the chinese Fan part.. cool..

hana said...

exactly. That was my fav. part ever. Totally what sets it apart from Britney Spears and the likes.

Fans <333