Sunday, March 29, 2009

This Is The One

Sunday, March 29, 2009
Omigosh you have got to listen to Utada's latest U.S. album :D


Too bad the album cover totally sucked. wth is up with the hideous fonts?

And I'm not even a fan of hers to begin with. I used to think that Hikki fans were a bunch of blind elitists who cling to whatever the trend tells them to think as awesome and viewed them as just slightly better than BoA's those are the worst imo :x

But asdalafhakjsdfsd I am so loving her album right now.

I gave it a shot out of curiosity because everyone kept harping about how it rocked and well, they were right. I think it's one of the few albums where I liked every song in it. No fob accent too for starters :D Totally one solid album of good music imo. I still don't get the hype of having Asian singers breaking into the market here but kudos to Utada if she does make it.

Anyway, uploaded everything onto imeem:

Am too busy to write a review of sorts so just enjoy the music


Lance said...

You just realize how nice her voice is?

My favorite song is Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI XD

hana said...

her voice? i don't find it any special really but her songs are awesome :Db

and why is that EVERYONE'S fav. song?

I shall listen to it one more time again....