Monday, August 11, 2008


Monday, August 11, 2008

Maou 06 is out and the deaths are BACK!!!!! Super happy now ok the story just got more awesome!!! In fact the ending was kinda eerie ok and if 2nd sis wasn't behind me just now I swear I would stop the whole drama cause its kinda creepy when you're watching it in total darkness at 2.30am. Family sleeping mah

Omg I am so in love with that smirk can?! Ohno I love your brilliance!!!

And just when you thought he is nothing but evil, they have to give you a scene where he positively wibbles when the girl visits him and he starts to recalls all the times she treats him nicely =3

aklasdaja Arashi confirm stole my heart liao what with its MatsuJun in "Hana Yori Dango" and now Ohno with this, not counting how much I originally like Nino already. Damn you JE do you intend to eat up my entire fangirl soul wth.

The long awaited 'Truth' PV where for the first time Arashi has a somewhat presentable PV and isn't all gay. Well, if you ignore the ballet-y dance during the bridge part *cough*

alsdjaldkagdsagda I love this drama

I love Arashi too~

Anyway, if you're wondering about my title, it's not a Japanese word but more of a name. After watching 4 episodes of 'Yasuko to Kenji', I am srsly addicted to Okura Tadayoshi aka Tacchon. Gaaaah I guess this just confirms that JE already owns my entire fandom at this point. Stupid Johnny (-_-) Well at least I don't spend a single cent on my fandom thanks to the internet hahahahaha

NISSY WHO???? Okura so rules my fandom nowadays =D

He is the drummer (omg
LOVE) for Kanjani 8. I'm lazy to write about K8 ok because I do not like their songs one bit and apart from Ryo & Okura, the rest are idiots. And not hot also. Besides Yokoyama Yu though who I think is effing hot but his dorky personality just rubs off all the hotness hahaha.

Yokoyama Yu. Guys in glasses are

But watching any of their variety shows or interviews is a must because they are so effing hilarious they should all just be talk show hosts and not singers. But back to Okura~

He is 180cm ok!!!! FINALLY. A Japanese idol who is TALLER than me even if I were to wear heels. I can go to Japan (in the future) with a happy heart liao
Lousy Tegoshi only 169cm according to the latest magazine article =C It would be nice ok if I were to ever run into any one of them one day and be able to look up when asking for their autographs wth.

Okura in an effing suit! aldshgfgfa;lksdfjad;s *dies*

Oh btw Ammy in case you are reading this, your Yasuda would be appearing together with Okura in episode 5 of 'Yasuko to Kenji'. But srsly me and Lei still think you must be blind to say that Yasuda is hot. And Ueda too. Hard to believe that you picked Massu as your absolute JE fav seeing that your other choices are sibeh questionable in our opinion. Say Okura is ugly wth.....

This is your 'hot' Yasuda:

HAHAHAHA. Hotness where? XD

Wth cannot believe I tainted my blog just for you. Look, before you say I'm bias and whatnot, I did go through like tons of pics of him ok and this is by far the nicest which just proves my point that Okura pwns him. Shall spam you with one last pic of Okura to further solidify my opinion.

Okura is

Oh and go watch Maou lah.


Ryan said...

chat box gone?

sharon (^.^) said...

yeah. whers ur chat box. wanna leave someting in ur chatbox..
which is this..

""" since u watch so many many movies.. K and J drama.. i wan borrow.. """"

hana said...

@ryan: I decided to do away with it *shrugs*

@sharon: lol u can just drop anything you want in these comment boxes. and no I don't watch K-dramas =P Only J-dramas.

But how am I supposed to lend them to you? I'm in California ler. Plus all my dramas I dl then delete or not just watch them online =PPP

Akira 思胜 said...

You got so much time to watch so many dramas? Salute to u neh...

hana said...

@akira: Its the summer hols. Plus dramas are like 1 hour a week for a episode of cos can squeeze in besides all my other equally as wu liao activities haha.

Fall sem starts in Sept and by then I wud be too busy with my studies to watch anythg hohoho.

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

So many "lengjai" in your blog...
If got extra space, perhaps you can post some " lenglui " pics also xD

Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Oh man, these guys look so damn handsome. I wanna scream =)

BTW, did you delete your chat box? I couldn't find them on your blog. I came here to say hello to dear Hanah. How are you?

hana said...

@jerome: ok ok ok I promise one day I would post some pretty japanese girl pictures haha.

@Bridge: I KNOW!!! SO HOOOOT!!! =DDD and yeah, I don't want the chatbox anymore too many spams haha. I'm doing fine. If you leave out the DMV test thing (-_-)

but oh well, im still enjoying my summer hols ^^

Ammy said...


hana said...

@ammy: the day I say Uchi is hot would be the day it starts raining pigs.

Not gonna happen.

And we just watched Yasuda in ep5 and not only is he ugly, he is damn short. So meh

Abi~♥ said...


aiya my babyboys are the hottest la come on lol.


i love matsu jun la omg where is he!!! and HANA U FICKLE WITCH U CHANGED UR FAV GUY AGAIN!!


hana said...

@abi: YOUR BABY BOYS??? WHAT BOYS? i thought you like baby girls *scoff*

and matsujun i dunno currently no projects leh =C

AND OMG OHKURA HOT OK!!! i kinda lost interest in Nissy liao.....

unbelievable wad? boring then change lah. arbudden?

Abi~ said...

lol. evil~

haha lil baby girls in literal sense.

babyboys as in.. boys u see on tv tht u wanna cuddle ie ryo, top, miyabi etc

Leira said...

OHNO SO GAY. WAD KINDA NAME IS OHNO? It's like saying, OH NO! I'M SO GAY! wahahahah! gay gay gay! Fine, maybe he's cool in that drama. BUT STILL GAY! WAHAHAHAHA MWAHAHAHAHA.

eiChi said...

lol~! i duno why, but i'm still root to Toma, no matter how many JE bishies i've seen on TV :P

hana said...

@leira: gay your head. he is NOT gay at all. MatsuJun is like 'the flaming gay' in arashi lol.

@eichi: haha same lah. I will always like Tegoshi in the end despite all my endless fangirling of other JE bishies lol.