Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Driving On The Left Is.....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
super effing hard ok!!! *grimaces*

I keep going into the wrong land, crashing into bushes (Daddy: you see yourself la! you've just broken a few branches!!) and the right side of my car seems to be attracted to the curb like how magnets attracts metal T3T

Daddy: *exasperated* Can you NOT drive so to the right or not? You're going to hit the curb ok see the way yo-- STOP LIAO OK YOU'RE GOING STRAIGHT INTO IT!

Me: But I cannot see the side!!!! *wails* If I concentrate on not hitting the curb, I will drive into the left land ok. I cannot see!!! *gets honked from oncoming cars* omg I don't wanna drive anymore, I want to go hoooooome T___T

It's like learning how to drive from square one ALL OVER AGAIN *cries*

I have a hard time looking into all 3 mirrors at once, remembering that the turn signals are now on my left instead of swiping the right handle down and turning on the windshield wipers instead wth, trying to keep my car on my land and not drive like a slithery snake, scanning ahead every 10 seconds because goodness knows how many bloody road signs America has and your driving all relies on those signs, maintaining my speed and not drive like a broken record, all the while trying to remember that I must STAY ON THE RIGHT or be blasted by the honks of others into oblivion because the drivers here are like on constant PMS.

Haha and xiaxue says she plans to drive in the U.S. this coming Dec.? Good luck to her I'll say cause I've been driving for a friggin year in M'sia and am still having a super hard time atm.

Omg and its impossible to remember all the road names ok thanks to the 'block by block system' they have here. I made Daddy promise to buy me a GPS receiver when I pass my driving test and get my license (ha-ha, the possibility looks bleak *weak smile*) cuz there is no way I'm driving alone without one.

Mummy jokes that I'll probably end up in Mexico while driving to a grocery store one day.....

And the sad thing is that the possibility of that happening is actually plausible T___T


Akira 思胜 said...

Eh, why your mum said you will end up in Mexico?

Ammy said...

um, because she's a complete hazard on the road? dude, don't tell me you didn't see the conversation in the last blog post? i bet you never been in the same car with her on the wheel. FUCKING TRAUMATIC OKAY WTF WTF WTF.

faye said...


I can just envision. One day when you're rich and famous you'll write a memoir or autobiography entitled 'Chronicles of an Asian adapting to life in the sunny States' and this will be one of the chapters. It will be a major hit bestseller esp among Asian immigrants who went through similiar experiences trying to get used to the Americans who like to do things different from everyone else. Keep us posted with gems like this. Too often we see and hear about the American way of life through books, movies, music etc, but you're actually LIVING it.Totally different life for you, but it's completely and pleasantly amusing to us sanpalau who only know Malaysian culture.

If you do end up in Mexico, it'll be a nice little holiday, just don't get caught by immigration officers since you'll be illegal. :P

hana said...

@akira: mexico is right below CA =) You can drive there lol, LA is pretty nearby to it haha. That explains the illegal immigrants problems ha.

@ammy: go die lah. If I remember correctly, it was abi and mostly levin who witness my near car accidents with others. I've only driven you out twice wth and I think I was prefectly fine when I drove you. Ungrateful twin.

@faye: ROFL XD memoirs... Ahaha, it might be fun to read for you people I know but it IS traumatic during the actual happening of the events lol. I swear I'm aging faster ever since I came here lol. The crazy unique way of life the Americans have is amusing and incredulous at times =PPP

Ammy said...

excuse me? you nearly crashed into a kancil and a beam in the boulevard parking lot with me in the passenger seat and i have no say in this???

bah, knowing you, you'd have probably forgotten already.

hana said...

@ammy: I DID??? do not remember. I bet you made that up.

Ammy said...

omg. the kancil was a white one? and the beam i dunno la wtf wtf YOU DONT BELIEVE ME LA WTF WTF