Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I ♥ chocolate.

Bah, actually I just love eating. Ok and I admit I don't really like chocolate or any sweet stuff for the matter but food is food and FREE food is of course always welcomed =D

Our local library held a chocolate fondue event for teens and since the library is like within walking distance of course me and 2nd sis go! Plus I didn't get the chance to try the chocolate fondue stall at The Spring back in Kuching =C Apparently, 2nd sis did though. HMPH DIDN'T INVITE YOUR BELOVED SISTER *sulks*

Sorry for the lousy quality pics but too many people there so paiseh use my camera. I guess people in the States don't blog. Neither do they take vanity pics unlike us camwhoring Asians so I feel damn small ok when everyone turns to look weirdly at us everytime we take pics.....

Anyway, we weren't informed of the time change (bah some luck) so by the time we arrived, all the strawberries were gone and we were left with marshmallows and graham crackers only wth am I supposed to make s'mores with that? T_________________T

I want my chocolate fondue ok and not some cheap imitation s'mores (not authentic cause not bonfired) why so ngiau one the organizers buy so little strawberries T___T And I dunno what ciplak chocolate they use dunno why so sticky one till it looks very uhm that one that one and not all yummiliciously flow-y like the chocolate waterfall in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory =C In fact it just clump together and refuse to budge an inch wth so it looks more like a mud pie making machine.....

Care for a plate of 'Diabetes In A Dish'? =P

It's super sweet (>.<) but I ate it down anyway. I WANT STRAWBERRIES OK!!!! T___T Chocolate covered marshmallows is just too sweet. Felt extremely queasy after that ok as if my insides all turned into chocolate. Dunno why got this one girl can still eat hers together with a large cup of caramel frappuccino again! Omg can get instant diabetes ok I swear. The sugar level omg. Then again looking at her size, probably the sugar got ample room to um dissolve into.

Every thing in the U.S. is too sweet imo. It's even sweeter than the Malay cakes ok and that is saying a lot. Anyway, interesting experience for me and hey its free so in the end I'm still one happy girl (^0^)

Yes, you should know by now that food and free stuff ALWAYS make me happy

Eh, looking back at the pics now, I think I AM EFFING SKINNY LEH! =PPP Everyone all 928131831 times fatter than me. Wth even happier now

Yes, I know this is called cheating yourself since this is like comparing pigs to elephants whereby even then pigs would be considered small. But who cares, as long as you live in the land of elephants and not twig-insects, that is all that matters =P

I am skinny =)


Akira 思胜 said...

I love chocolates!!! Give me some ya!!!

Ammy said...

EH HANA YOUR BOOBS LOOK CHIO LE! so stop whining about how flat they are la wtf wtf wtf

hana said...

@akira: haha come to CA then.

@ammy: THAT IS LEI OK WTH WTH WTH (T_______T)

Ammy said... bad. ahem ahem *sheepish*