Friday, July 25, 2008

I Like You Just The Way You Are~♪

Friday, July 25, 2008


Thanks everyone for the well wishes! I think I did quite well in my finals =D Its a miracle I even remember how to write my name ok in that note-chanting zombie state of mine since I stayed up the whole night cramming lol and slept for like 3 hours only.

But omg so sia soi ok during Socio where I forgot to switch off my phone and it rang loudly midway of the exam. The worst thing was I'd forgotten I took my daddy's phone as I forgot mine so I didn't recognize the ringtone and let it ring for 10 seconds, all the while thinking about how some people are just so inconsiderate until everyone was staring at me then did I realize that 'oh crap that's MY phone' Oops.

Ok, shall post a few random pictures now to I dunno, make my blog not so dull I guess. I very lazy camwhore lah ok so no pics of me (not like any of you care anyway) Maybe this Saturday lah when I go to the beach =)

Oh look what arrived in the mail today!

ILU Ammy! Your 'test' package finally arrived safely =)

Because I miss Konnyaku Jelly and Jell-O just doesn't cut it lol. THANK YOU! =DDD But omg the postage is expensive can? I didn't know that. Won't ever ask you to send little things anymore cause I kena cheng by my parents already saying how I'm being exploitive T_______T What la I didn't know the cost ok say me till lidat T3T Anyway I will post your huge package next week. Have to find a box first lol.

What mom cooked on her birthday lol.

We celebrated earlier anyway so nothing fancy on the actual day itself.

No, I cannot cook.

I think.

Bought a cake for mom's birthday

Seriously DON'T ever buy any cake, muffins, brownies, cookies or any pastries here for that matter ok because the sugar content is friggin high till all your bodily fluids would probably turn to syrup instead if you keep eating them. SIAO OK. Like eating sugar. Super disgusting. Even the sugar free stuff tastes sweeter than the stuff we normally eat back in M'sia.

Found this in my computer

I just realized how much I miss the twins! I demand a 2nd part for Ouran!!! All anime nowdays bores me terribly. Like Vampire Knight omg can like give me ONE kiss scene for once? Instead of all the endless tease? Honestly, those repetitive blood sucking scenes can only be ero for only oh so long till it becomes boring.

American chocolates!

For Alicia and her sisters lol. I have yet to eat one ok because it's expensive imo. Nearly 1usd for a bar ok which IS expensive considering you can get a whole big bottle of orange juice for 1usd too! So do tell me how it taste like later after you receive them =P

And once again I'll like to proclaim MY LOVE FOR EBAY!!!! =DDD

60px for 19usd

My Biore pore packs finally come liao ok! Ha take that you miserable money-eating pharmacies here who charge 7usd a pack with 6 strips only. I HAVE EBAY nyah nyah~ *glee*

So happy ok my nose so smooth now! I love these nose pore strip thingy and to whoever who created this: 'I love you ok!'. I dunno if it's just me but I love staring at the used strips and smile gleefully at the sight of all the sebum stuck onto it before throwing it away. Got this kimochi feeling ok of being cleanse of all impurities lol XD

And to those of you who ask if Ebay is reliable........OMG ITS AWESOME OK. Cheap, fast and easy. What more you want? =DDD Just remember to check the seller reputation beforehand ^^

He is total cuteness no?

Been listening to some English songs lately and I LOVE 'Four Minutes' and 'The Way I Are' ok! Had to ask Ammy to update me on all the latest hits, you tell me ironic or not??? I miss English songs so badly but until today I still cannot find the silly radio station that plays all the latest hit music. And the MTV is still as sucky as ever with it's retarded reality shows. I want my music videos ok! And people here only care about their local bands =C

I miss M'sia. I think M'sia is friggin awesome now because it chooses only the best from all around the world. U.S. on the other hand is so engrossed in their own world to the point that they are deluded into thinking that they are the best in everything when they are not. Seriously, they are like so secluded from the outside world. Some even dare complain straight to your face on how could you be smarter than them because M'sia is a poor country omg go die lah my house back in M'sia is like 3 times larger than yours pfffft. And our KLIA is like 282371312931 times more chio than your LA Airport. Actually KIA aready 100 times chioer. I srsly don't like some people here ok. Super hao lian hmph.

Anyway lalala I am so happy lah no need set alarms anymore and can sleep until the sun is high up in the sky and even if its burning my butt to crisp, I can still sleep on =DDD Am also looking forward to August because 2nd sis just brought home a brochure containing a bunch of info about free events for youths happening around SoCal in August and omg so many fun stuff ok!!! So ta-ta~


Akira 思胜 said...

Congratz to u first ya, for doing well in exam...

hana said...


Cik Choki said...

haiya.. who said malaysia is a poor country? let me beat his ass. lol! u're super damn free now. can sleep like 25 hours a day. haha. sorry for the late comment

hana said...

EXACTLY. M'sia poor country wth. Never traveled here and talk so proud hmph. And haha sleep for 25 hours? Funny how when there is NO holidays, all you want to do is sleep and when its the hols all you wanna do is NOT SLEEP XDDDD