Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day

Friday, July 4, 2008

Today is America's 232nd Independence Day and we drove to the next town to celebrate it (fireworks display) cause the place that is 'ditetapkan' (gah, I cannot for the life of me remember the English equivalent of this word atm) to our city to celebrate have to pay entrance fee ok!!! It's a stadium mah.

So why pay when you can go to others for free? hehe. The government must be swimming in money imo if they can afford to set off fireworks for nearly every town. TOWN ok, don't talk about county yet much less states again. Or maybe it's only like this in CA.

Ok so we went for a picnic cause the place was a park and not a stadium. We were somewhat suaku ok cause we have no idea what to expect as the people in Hawaii don't celebrate but instead demonstrate in front of the King Kamehameha statue and as for Malaysia.....

You are silly if you go out on National Day ok unless you wish to die in a drunken brawl or get whacked off your bike by some humongous-flag waving moron on a bike -_- National Day there is spent watching the fireworks from the safety of your house's windows ok cause I dunno why the Central Padang can be seen from all corners of the city so for sure you can see the fireworks despite where you may live.

So we were blown away when we saw people setting up TENTS and the shade thingy people in Malaysia only use to sell their wares beneath it. Many brought their BBQ stands and some even brought a whole gas tank alskdalalsa seriously and a TV too????

Our two tiny blankets looked very pitiful at that moment ok T______T

Just look at the swarm of families. I think I like some of America's culture very very much =D Lots of things are family oriented and really, it's completely not like what you see on American TV shows where the lives of the characters are so blown out of proportions. As a whole, it's a pretty lovely country with happy ordinary people leading the typical happy family life in it =)

First time in my life to wear short shorts out in public ok. Never dare to wear those back in Malaysia for fear of being mistaken as an Ah Lian. But here everyone dresses like that so it's alright =)

Oh and Sha if you're reading this, 2nd sis is um wearing the shirt you bought me cause um I am wearing her shirt now? Plus I am flattered that you assumed I was super skinny but sadly I am not and my arms are too flabby to fit in that shirt without looking like a stringed sausage. I PROMISE I'M WORKING ON MY DIET NOW OK SO I WOULD BE ABLE TO WEAR IT ONE DAY. It's only the sleeves that are too small =C

My face looks fat here but I shall ignore it cause impossible can look nice in every photo one. I dislike cameras a lot. Or maybe cameras just dislike me? Cause my face always comes out super fat 90% of the time (no, I'm not kidding. I just never post those up) and I always force people to stare at my face and tell me if it looks like the pics but they say no so I am feeling half comforted atm. I ask because when I look in the mirror my face does NOT look like the piggy pictures so WHY does it COME OUT THAT WAY IN PICTURES?!

I tell you how it looks like. You know those 'ma zui zhen' (the injection that makes you numb one)? Say for example they were to inject it in your gums or is it lips (?) before they extract your tooth, you would later feel (and envision) as if your lips were hideously swollen right? That 'swollen feeling' is how my face look like in those pictures ok T____T And the funny thing is my legs always turn out looking like twigs.

2nd sis: 'Lidat then chio mah!'

*snorts* NOT IF YOUR BODY TURNS OUT FAT OK! I only end up looking like a lump of play-doh on toothpicks ok! T_____T

Pictures I took while lying down =) Of course the words are shopped in. Don't be silly =P

Haha all those walks home from school is starting to yield results! My legs are slightly thinner liao, no need for photoshop at all =DDD Yeah yeah my body is fat I can just hear someone shouting in glee now -_- Oh forget the body. Impossible to shrink it even if I wanted to cause my arms are in the way so nah, now you know how I look like. Gah. If you think I am not fat, then thank you. I am happy =)

She edited this herself

Why why why is the balloon SMILING when he is choking???

Taken by 2nd sis

Cause she says we look cute here. alsdjaldkjalda happy ok ^^

Fireworks starting soon..... Haha, it only gets dark at 9PM here XD

The fireworks were super pretty!!!!!1111 BUT because a SLR I have not, I am stuck with only ONE decent pic:

Cam was too slow, skies were too dark, batteries decided to die on me there and then aldasdljadkla stupid can? Will check sis's phone tomorrow to see if hers are any better and might post them up tomorrow.

Ok, done. オ(・ェ・)ヤ(・ェ-)ス(-ェ・)ミ(-ェ-)。o○Zzz… (oyasuminasai)

Oh and Happy Bday Takahisa ilu~♥


Akira 思胜 said...

wah, so many people around there? Haha...

JeromeFo 令狐冲 said... nice there!
I also want to go there to hv picnic!

Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

First of all, I love your pink top! sooo pink, sooo cute. Looking good at it!

Now, my greetings ~ Happy 4th of July!!!!

Sorry for the late greetings. It's a big event in America and i'm pretty busy too =)

Its so nice of you to blog this! I enjoyed it so much! By the way, Japanese coin is correct!

sharon (^.^) said...

m'sia ah lien wear shorts kah? OMG nv noe... good ting i din!! hahaahahahah

hana said...

@akira: yup many ppl. It's a family event ^^

@jeromefo: you mean london dun have picnic spots?

@bridge: THX! =DDD

@sharon: no lah dun mean if you wear shorts you are ah lian lol but ALL ah lians most definitely wear super short shorts lol.