Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pasadena Chalk Festival Finale

Sunday, June 29, 2008
Omg I had the most horrid nightmare last night. I dreamed that 2nd sis took my place as Daddy's favorite girl and I was practically ignored by my entire family ok!!! When I was about to leave for school and asked for lunch they just sneered at me and say that I can go without eating =C Then later in the car 2nd sis said she was hungry and daddy stopped by a chicken rice store and made me place the order while grudgingly consenting of letting me have a packet too as I asked timidly for one.

Then when the woman said that she is left with only 1 huge drumstick and 1 insanely small one and asked what do we want her to do about it, I said mixed both portion together but daddy roared at me and said that 2nd sis should have the huge drumstick all to herself before abandoning me by the roadside crying my eyes out T________________T

Then I dunno why suddenly a half naked Yamapi appeared and tried comforting me with stupid words like 'it's ok, you don't need them, come with me' till I got really mad and glared angrily at him through red watery eyes before stuffing his mouth with a huge strawberry to shut him up wth wth wth how come this dream so weird one T_______T

Anyway I told 2nd sis about my dream just now and instead of sympathizing with me she just whacked me hard on the head instead the stupid girl and said that now I know how she feels wth that is so NOT TRUE ok I don't see her getting abandoned by the roadside or forced to starve hmph!

Anyway, pictures and this would be the last batch because the novelty of writing about it has long since worn off and I'm only posting them up for the sake of memories so when I am old and gray, eh I mean botoxed and color dyed (hair), I can look at these pictures and remember the fun time I had.

Guy with the fiddler. I took so many shots of him till daddy was sick of seeing his face. I dunno but doesn't he reminds you of Beethoven or Mozart or or or those British people that took over Malaysia??? The ones you always see in your Sejarah textbooks??? Yes right?!

wth biology lessons yo. Looks like organisms to me. No, I think it's called enzymes? Epidermis tissues? Cells? Gaaaah, science was never my strong forte.

Scantily clad couples in space

Random scene shots as usual:

Gaaah I am quite sick of seeing chalk drawings atm and so are you I bet so COMMERCIAL BREAK!

Awwwwww.... angel Tegomass =) No really. They're supposed to be rain angels in the PV.

Speaking of Tegomass, 2nd sis dreamed of attending their concert yesterday (probably due to her designing wallpapers of them for Ammy late into the night) and was sad cause she didn't get their autograph this time in her dream -_- But she said they talked to her for a while before rushing off someplace cause stupid Miley Cyrus suddenly appeared and chased them off stage wth.

Me: So how do you converse with them?

2nd sis: Oh they spoke in Japanese.

Me: YOU understand Japanese meh?!

2nd sis: Oh, funny thing was while they were speaking to me in Japanese, subtitles appeared in front of them.

WTH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA why got dream lidat one!!! XD

MASSU CHO KAWAII!!!!! *flails* No Tegoshi pics cause I can't find them yet =C

Ok Commercial Break over. Back to topic on hand:

This is CONFIRM 3-D drawing liao ok


One of my koi back in Kuching died *sniff* I wonder how my house is right now. I miss my lovely house ok!!!! =C

Leng Loi

Ahaha! Done done done! No more chalk drawing pictures liao =DDD

Ok I need to sleep cause I have exams tomorrow. Sigh, summer school sucks whatever life I have left away =C


Mei-Wah said...

ooOOoOooo... who's that cute hunk??? :)

btw, great chalk drawings from the great artiste~ they are so talented!

hana said...

um which one? Got threeeee =P The first is Yamapi, and the other two are Tegoshi Yuya and Masuda Takahisa respectively. From NEWS. OMG SO CUTE LAH THT GROUP I LOOOVE~ hee