Sunday, September 3, 2006

Yellow Lights

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Yellow lights are lovely. They are soft and romantic. Everything looks good under yellow lights. I loved them....until now.

Lesson learned. NEVER EVER apply make-up under yellow light. ESPECIALLY during the night. Stupid lights. Toned down all colors. End results? Clown cheeks.

I was in a rush so didn't bother to check twice. Just hopped into the car and off to McDonald's. And you know hor, the McD lights are all so harsh and glaringly white. So I stepped inside hor, and everybody looking at me weirdly. I was puzzled until I caught my reflection in the mirror... FLAN IT LAR! I had applied too much blusher. According to my sister : Like the olden days chinese opera people. Ciken lar! So SIA SOI you know! Of course I quickly wash it all off like mad.

Scary hor? And to think I looked nearly lidat. *shudders*

I wished the ground would just open and swallow me up. Hmpf. But sadly, it didn't. My family still ask me go order meal again pula. I wanna zhao lor! Still wanna order! But you think they care mer? They say my fault I stupid go apply under yellow lights. Like my fault lidat. They install my entire house ALL yellow lights. Ask me how huh?? 150++ lights all in yellow. Except one. Their bathroom. Hmpf! Think of themselves only. Normally, I always apply my make-up at my parents' bathroom mirror. But told you liaw, was rushing so used my bathroom one instead. Freakin big mistake.

I had to endure one morbidly long hour in McD with stares burning into me. After this, I swear I shall go do plastic surgery. Either that or I shall NEVER step into the 3rd mile McD again EVER.


Matt said...

u shud take a pic of dat and post it up. haha. wanna see how u look like le~

Wins' said...

look like me or not ? =D

Shen said...

take picture la..let us laugh together

they tell me that
laughter the best medicine
so why not let us laugh ? hahahaha

BluE's BluE said...

aitee, hannah, where did u took dat photo? who took it for you? why make up until like dat?? next time call me la, i help u to make up! nicer! 100% shiaks!!