Thursday, May 18, 2006

Stupid Exams

Thursday, May 18, 2006

ARGH!!!! I can't take all these stress, frustration and anger inside me anymore and those super hard test papers did nothing to help....Grr my exams are all bound to fail since the teachers at GRSS have gotten carried away with their freakin insane questions.....Don't give me all this crap on how easy its gonna be then set ridiculously hard questions like "what nutrients can be found in fertilizers and what are their functions" like hell people bother to memorize every SINGLE one of those darn annoying nutrients, what more to say about their uses....what do I look like to you? A Gardener????

Behold, your future in Biology.....

And the other option was equally bad...."Name the different kinds of drugs found in society and the harm it brings"....Puh-leez the average person only knows heroin or ganja and you expect me to write more thn a few + all the side effects??? The freakin sch books never even address those issues for gudness sake so how the hell am I suppose to know??? Aren't you GLAD enuf that I'm so kwai, dun dabble in drugs so dunno every single name??!! HuH!!! stupid sch with its stupid impossibly high standards....Who cares how high ur standard is, I'm sitting for SPM-->Senang Plus Mudah so why all these darn hard questions????

Sheesh~~~~ -_-"

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