Monday, September 11, 2006

Still (my) Fantasy

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bought Jay Chou's 7th album entitled "Still Fantasy" on Sat. I absolutely LOVE Jay hor in case you people dunno. So here is the disc:

Apparently he upgraded to the cardboard casing instead of the usual plastic casing. I find it quite annoying cause it sticks out like a sore thumb among my entire Jay cd,vcd collection. The poster behind came with his previous MV disc - Qi Li Xiang.

The BEST thing about buying this cd? The HUUUGE poster that came with it.

Nice right?! So many Jay!! *drools* So nice on my wall. And when I say huge I mean huge lar hor...

I know lar, my hair looks super horrible. But then, I'm just there to show you how big my poster is mar. On 2nd thought, decided to take it down in the end. Because feels very weird ler when you're half naked in your room changing and there's NOT one but FOUR Jay staring at you hor. So took it down haha. Buying Jay's cds or vcds are so worth it. Always got goodies like posters, plushies or high quality calendars. Makes my 47 bucks seem so worth it hehe.

I LOVE Jay! Wait, I think I already told you that. Never mind, never hurts to remind you. I LURVEEE JAY!!! hahahaha. But then sad to say, this album quite disappointing. I admit my chinese sucks and I NEVER understand a word he is saying but thanks to the english translation on I get a bit on what's he's singing about lor. I buy it for the music only.

I like the 'Chapter 7 Twilight' MV. Jay directed it. Very interesting lar. And the murderer quite cute. I tell you guys a little secret hor, actually my dream guy is those chinese-sy type ones tho' I will NEVER admit it to people. Neh, like Edison, Vaness or Jay or even SHAWN LEE *drools* chinese chinese kuan type. They just got soooo much more sex appeal than the angmo angmo type guys. You see our school guys ar, people like Yun Yew, Hsiang or Winston are just so much hotter than the english speaking ones (I shall name no names here hehe). Speaking good Chinese is just sooo satt. But unfortunately, this fantasy of mine can never come true hor cuz my chinese is so bua tang zui (half cacated). Imagine a guy tells me my fa ru xue (hair like snow) meaning it's soft and silky and I'll probably whack him thinking he's saying I'm old and have a lot of white hair. So you see, so not compatible. Relationship doom to fail one. *sigh* I wished I was born in Taiwan instead of boring old Hawaii. =(

I love the 'Qian Li Zhi Wai' song and MV. So touching, nearly cried. But than again I'm just emotional. But it's still a very beautiful song. Next up is 'Ting Ma Ma De Hua', another one of my favs. It's tune is light and airy, a little bit dreamy. Something like a mixture of Nan Quan Mama's 'Xiang Cao Ba Pu" and Jay's " Ye Ye Pao De Cha". I love songs like this. So soft and pleasing to the ears. After the first 5 or 6 tracks the album starts to urm how to put it in a nice way hor..urm it starts to become cacated. Why? Cuz after that is ALL sappy love songs. At least I think so with my limited knowledge of Chinese. Does not matter, still sound so slow and draggy.

I HATE sappy love songs. My sister Ariel shares the same view as me. It's just SOOOO pathetic. Love songs and SAPPY love songs are different lar. I like love songs like "Qian Li Zhi Wai", "Mai Ya Tang" or even "Jian Dan Ai". They are tender, sweet and full of blissful romance. Makes you wanna run across the nearest field with arms open wide haha. On the other hand, sappy love songs are full of heartbreaks and apologies. Makes little sense too. For example, songs that talks about how 'I've cheat and lie but baby give me one more chance' in MY opinion is stupid. I say HUO KAI, SERVES U RIGHT!!! If I were her, I ALSO leave. What for wanna go back with a donkeyhole like you. Songs that talks about 'unrequited love' just makes you sad for no reason and sometimes irritated. The only 'unrequited love' song I can stomach is 'Qing Tian'. Coz I can play it beautifully on the piano without seeing the scores =P

The most pathetic one still goes to Daniel Bedingfield's 'If You're Not The One'. Everytime I see his sappy face on the TV, I have this great urge to laugh like siaw. Just how sappy can you get? 'If you're not the one, then why does my hand fits yours' ??? You think only your hand fits mer? I don't understand people hor, why so dunno how to let go wan. Even to the extend go create blogs that talk ONLY about their unrequited love. Crazy lah. If someone reject or dump you, have a good cry for a week, feel a lil sad for another week than MOVE ON LAR. Don't keep dwelling on something you can't have. Why dwell on all the sad stuff and become this dweeby moody person? Try to look on the bright side and cheer up. You CAN live without them. If you won't let go, when your true love pass you by ar you also won't know. Obviously that girl or guy you loved so much DOES NOT feel the same about you. You can die for her and the most she would do is cry and say a few good words about you at your funeral then proceed to marry her true love. Sad but true. Face the facts lar people. You CAN'T make someone love you.

If you can't be with them, they are not the one. Why so hard to understand? If it was me, I will feel sorry for 3 weeks then continue on with life with a smile on my face. Lazy wanna cry over you anymore. Not like without you I can't live, just go find someone else la.

That is mainly why I dislike sappy love songs. I wanna feel happy not sad haha. But then maybe it's just us cuz all my friends worships sappy love songs. I remember this ex-friend of mine Vincent who loves songs like this. He keeps playing 'Qing Tian' like a million times till I was ready to break the disc in half. It only made him worse. He gets so mad and violent most of the time so of course Nasha won't dare to go near him. I mean who would? I'm still too young to die. =P The fastest way to make people don't like you is to appear very desperate. So that's why you have to be independent lar. Good training for your future college years also haha.

* Maybe some of you are asking 'what about your X ler huh!? hor. Honestly lar, I'm not that siaw about him. Don't like me don't like lar. Never expect him too anyway haha. He's just so cute mar. Small crush only hahaha. I am not feeling sucidal or anything ler lolz. Ha, so many days didn't see him liaw. So sien. Btw, still hate sappy love songs =P *

Anyway, back to Jay heehee. His BEST album yet is "Ye Hui Mei" because ALL the songs are listenable. His other albums only so-so, with me occasionally pressing the 'next' button for some of the really 'duh' songs. =P But this album is the worst lar, the back all cannot listen one. My 'next' button nearly embedded into the player after my constant pressing. I was looking for a "Mai Ya Tang" or a "Yuan You Hui" type but to no avail. Soooo disappointing. His songs were more interesting when he dated Jolin Tsai even thought I HATE her alot. She thinks she's like the hottest thing since slice bread and always talk about how acupuncture has perfected her ass or whatever even though we all know she is fake from her surgical enhanced cheeks right down to her silicone valley. But at least his songs were more interesting compared to when he started dating Patty who is nice but looks boring who probably dullify him till he lost his ability to compose good songs. Nevermind, he dumped her already. Hope he dates some hot chick to revive his song-writing skills hiaks. Overall , this album really not that nice but I will STILL fork out another 50 bucks to buy the MV DVD when it comes out. Why? Coz I'm a sucker for Jay, just lidat =P

*gasp* So freakin long this post. I'm getting old liaw. Become sooo lo so haha. Anyway, if you're a die-hard Jay fan like me then buy it lah, after all you probably like sappy love songs so you would love it anyway. And even if you don't, there is still that freakin HUGE poster that comes with it ha! But if you're not a huge fan of Jay, I suggest you just go buy a pirated copy burn a copy from your friends enough already. Man, I am such a useless Jay supporter, encourage people don't buy his album. I bet if I ever ask him for an autograph, he would kick me into the South-China Sea. Nevermind, maybe the seawater there would magically enable me to speak "Zhong Guo de hua yi" and I can finally snag my dream guy muahahaha.


eiChi said...

OOOI~!!!! I WANT THE POSTER ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Wins said...

Jay's still very very fit =)

Shen said...

wow..u love jay ? hmm

lolz..u're talking about patty and jolin's silicone valley ? lolz? what about hebe ? his new crush ? oh man..!!

Sally said...

Didn't know ur into the whole Jay Chow Thing!!!!!!!....Thought ur the Linkin Park chick!!

Hana said...

Haha. I LURVE both!!! Linkin Park is also SO DARN COOL!!! Best Band EVER!!! still waitin for their new album *sigh*

Shen said...

'licking park' now not popular liaw

now is 'liu xing' S.H.E liaw !! haha

- d r e a - said...

jay=) hehe.