Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pink Phone Cover

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lots of people say I can continue to blog as long I stay nice. Ehehehe. What the?? I WAS ALWAYS NICE!!! Lolz. Maybe if I keep repeating it you all might actually believe me. I'm nice. I'm nice. I'm nice. Haha. But I am now least I hope so....=P

Okaaay. There's something I REALLY ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY, I mean NEED. hehe. It's none other than this:

YES!!! Nokia's 6680 PINK cover!!! I'm begging you all....PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I CAN FIND IT. If you see it help me buy, I'll pay you. Or you could just tell me the place where you saw it. PLEASEEEEEE....I've been waiting like since forever for this cover. Just look at it. Such a lovely colour. I LURVE PINK! Go ahead. Laugh. Say I'm an airhead. I DON"T CARE. Nothing you say can change my mind. If I had MY way, everything would be pink. =P


Kim Seng said...

-_-" you're nice? if you're nice, i'm the pope... =P

Hana said...

Oh wow!!! I guess you really must be the pope cuz I'm really nice....Woo-hoo..Kim Seng the Pope!!! Finally, a hot one =P

Shen said...

yeah...QUOTE ! everything would be pink? haha
why dun make ur 'teeth' pink ?
it will be the best !! =P

Wins said...

Cheers =)

Shen said...

u can blog but maybe dun keep on saying ppl in your blog?
but it's not fun if u blog and not saying/talking/insulting/scolding other ppl !