Friday, May 19, 2006

Brainwasher 3000

Friday, May 19, 2006

Have you ever done something and later regretted it for life?? I do....Sometimes I wish life was like a history book where you can simply rub out all your mistakes. It's hard to forget people and memories that hurt you no matter how hard you try....

Maybe one day someone should just go invent some useful inventions that makes you forget stuff you dun wanna remember. Saves all the pain and bitterness. You know, Toshiba should just hire someone to invent a brain washing machine....

Yup, I'll be the FIRST to buy it

Hmm...then maybe I can finally forget him =P


eiChi said...

hey~! ^^ did u do all those graphics urself?

btw, plz visit my site too ;p

n don laf at my manglish/broken english XD

Hana said...

lolz....yup i used photoshop to create those pics....and i've visited ur site many times liao lor...very nice and intresting lar lolz keep it up =D

eiChi said...

izit? haha, thnx thnx :p

btw, great graphics u made :D