Friday, September 29, 2006

Super Long Post

Friday, September 29, 2006
Sorry that I've haven't been blogging these few days. Got exams mar plus the fact that my dad locked the modem in his safety-deposit box. I have one one at home. Just so I won't get distracted by the internet and actually study for once. Heck, it worked. I studied like so many things already haha. Anyway, you people HARDLY write comments too so I'm not so eager to blog too liaw. Hmph. I see Eileen Ma's blog got so many comments till I'm oozing with jealousy now. I am so gonna take away that distracting day. I want comments lar, very fun to read you know =P

Anyway, pictures.....

So pink, so fluffy, sooooo.........airhead =P

My Bedroom. Pink is like the NICEST colour in the world. =D

I hate the headboard. Last time when we moved my mum asked me wanna make new one and I gave some old people answer like "no need, save money". At that time I thought I was so satt and mature, now I freakin regret it. Now everyone in my family has beautiful custom made headboards except me: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Below pics were taken at an Italian restaurant where our cell-group held it's annual dinner.


I have the GREATEST daddy in the world!!!

Now, on to my house-blessing party....

>>Before the Party<<

We hired Fook Xin (like everyone else) to be our caterer for that night.

>>Party Time<<

Calvin & Me.

I didn't get to take any photos with the rest of the cute people like Sean or Jon as they all went home so darn early. *ish*

Then some people got "high"....

You think that after paying those Fook Xin people few thousand already, they would at least help you clean everything up nicely lar hor but NOOOO...yours truly have to 'qing zhi' get a broom, hose and sabun to clean the entire freakin floor. You know how big the stupid car-porch is or not??!! Wanna die ar.

Needless to say, my back felt like ah mah after all those scrubbing. What.. You say it's not big izzit and your house one bigger? I know ok but unlike you RICH people I have no maid to do all those back-breaking chores. My parents refused to hire one saying it's pointless as they have four daughters who would do them for free. *!#@%&$!@#*

>>Gift Time<<

I had A LOT OF FUN tearing at all those wrapping paper I tell you...Heehee.

Nearly 85% of the gifts were bake wares. Who ask my mother cooking so popular till everyone gave her the EXACT SAME type of glass baking-dish. Of course she happy like a Cheshire Cat. We seh kia are not. Opening gifts suddenly became not so fun anymore. No varieties. Dunno why got some people gave us electrical appliances. Hello, my dad opens an electrical store too so we have nearly every single electrical appliances available. We seriously have no idea on what to do with those gifts.... Anybody need a hot-water heater??? Anyone?

The rest mostly gave us flowers and wine liao. I like this flower best. So simple and modern. Just like my house lolz.


>> Before Renovation<<

Wanna see how the old structure used to look like??

Nonono, I did not live here. I used to live in a pretty double-storey terrace house at Empire Garden. My dad bought this house cuz he liked the big compound. 17 points I think. I remember at that time he said he wanted to move into this house after he hire people to give it a fresh coat of paint. *shudders* We told him NO FREAKIN WAY are we gonna leave our previous lovely home
for this. He can live there alone all by himself for all we care. =P Well, he got the message in the end and decided to renovate it. Thank God. I still miss my old house tho'. It's nearer to school, to my best friends houses, to many friends houses and best of all, a heck lot nearer to X's house. =P After I moved, NOBODY wanna fetch or send me home. =( * Except for a few super nice people. Thx =) *

>>My NEW House<<

Wanna see what Aki Media can do with an old house???

I freakin LOVE it okay!?! Darn nice. Never had I imagine that the previous house could churn out something like this. Like the ugly duckling story lar. I love the person who shot this pic too. Make my house look like detached house lidat. =P I so wanna be architect liao...

More shots:

Haha, we haven't moved in yet at that time hence the absence of furnitures.

The lawn is quite a headache. Every two weeks the grass have to be mowed. And since my parents have no sons, the responsibility falls on no other than ME. Typical. I'm a girl, yet I have to do BOTH the girls and guys job. My standard for my future husband has just gotten higher. He better be able to do ALL the DIY jobs around the house as I can do ALL of them. I think I shall die single cuz so far, I've met no guys who actually helps out at home. I think I shall clone a guy copy of myself and marry it. =P

My favourite corner---the bar counter. Cuz if everyone eats here then I do not need to clean the dining table which is tiring as it is made of glass. Have to wipe it like a million times to get rid of all the handprints.

No more parquet stairs. Yay!

We seh kias bedrooms. Ariel's the luckiest as hers is all the way at the end so it's very quiet. The guys all adore her room as it has a sloping ceiling giving it an attic feel. I'm jealous. They didn't like my pink room. Hmph.

Ok enough pictures. I've reached my monthly limit liao. I feel terribly blessed to be living here. I remember last time when we came back from the U.S. we didn't even have a house. Then later we rented one where ants and lizards rule the place. Then after my dad started serving in the church did we only get to move into the terrace house at Empire Garden. And when my dad took up the youth ministry last year, we got blessed with this house. You MYF people are lucky. My dad plans to create a Jam Room, install basketball hoops and stuff just for you people to hang out in the future. Whereas I have to leave this place next year for some crummy apartment in California to study. Argh, I don't wanna grow up. *moans* Anyway, my point is, serve and obey God and He bless you and will make you a blessing to others.

Oh by the way, about the party I said I wanna hold a while back. My dad is not willing to fork out any more money after that last expensive one. Cuz we're very broke liao.....Trueeeee...So how now? You people willing to pay 5 bucks each or are you people each willing to bring one dish of food? Then the rest of the BBQ food I shall provide. Tell me lah. I really dunno what to do.....


fLoR-MoMok said...

wow.. nice house che!! too bad i wasn't there tad time.. sobsob..

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Nasha said...

im so gonna live in ur house.. hahaha im moving in! just watch me..lols..

Shen said...

wow..i love ur house man..
can i live in there..Rm 2 will be enough as long as u provide me place to live..things to to play//tv to watch...ppl to bully haha...yeah ...

well..i suggest to buy kolok mee ? then we juz go your house lor...we celebrate there lor..

-B-l-u-E- said...

OMG... i look so super mega ultimate idiot in dat pic ... lol!! ehh (thinkin) since when i get pregnant??

fLoR-MoMok said...

holiday i oso wan to go liau..

-hSiN- said...

wow~ur house is so nice~~~~~

Matt said...

lol, u juz provide us the butter chicken at yew fook ok liaw. no need a few thousand ringgit. 1 person rm4.50. lol.

Aaron said...

nice compliment akimedia even...haih, too bad will miss all the other additional planned 'facilities' in the house...darn...